A Forgotten Place


Odera Ozoka is a filmmaker who believes in art at all costs. Born in Benin, Nigeria, Odera moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream as an actor, but became passionate about directing while attending The New York Film Academy.

After graduating, he wrote his third feature film script and began prep on what would be his directorial debut, which became the twelve-day shoot Soul Diaspora. He went on to produce plays with the theater company Sacred Drum Theater and was part of the producing team of the film Ije.

In 2015, Odera released his latest film, Hollywood Street and published a book on political theory entitled, "Goodluck Jonathan Transformation Agenda: A Youth Perspective in American System." Odera is focused on the continued development of his film production company, Black Tower Productions, which aims to fulfill its social mission through local investment initiatives in the communities where its films are produced. A Forgotten Place will be Odera's third feature film.


Ashley Ellis is a filmmaker constantly exploring people, places, and moments in time through the visual image. She attended the University of Southern California, and it was there that she realized her passion not only for filmmaking, but also for addressing issues pertaining to human rights, social justice and conservation.

After producing and directing her first film, After We Lost Shima, in northern Botswana, Ashley founded a media and arts collective with a social mission, Emerald City Arts, in order to create meaningful content with likeminded artists.

Emerald City Arts has produced five films and published a collection of photography of post-earthquake Haiti in the form of an innovative book: “Haiti: Sun Dried and Illuminated”.

Ashley has produced narrative and documentary films in the US and abroad. A Forgotten Place is her first film in conjunction with Black Tower Productions, and she's excited to be a part of a project that will be impactful both on screen and in communities.